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Gulf Coast Hurricane Shutters knows that you want to protect your home and business. We also know that you want an affordable price to do so. We offer you both! We protect homes throughout Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend and the entire Gulf area!

We carry a great selection of hurricane shutters, screens, and much more. We can install and repair any of our products. You want protection from the storm and we guarantee that we’ll give it to you.

Our products include

  • Hurricane Screens

  • Solar Screens

  • Rolling Shutters (Both Manual & Motorized)

  • Shutters - Steel, Aluminum, and Clear Panel Systems

Prices will of course depend on the job, products that you have chosen, size of your home, and a few other aspects. Feel free to call us for a free estimate!

We do see a higher demand for permanent solutions, such as our roll-down screens. Our shutters offer multiple track options, and are available in a wide selection of colors. They give you the security you want.

Aramco Storm Blinds

Our Aramco Storm Blinds have proven to deter burglars and block out all light.  *Not hurricane approved by Texas Dept. of Insurance

Tapco Screens

Burglar tested, hurricane approved and made in the U.S.A.

Rolling Shutters

We offer both manual and motorized rolling shutters. They are tested and approved for impact by the Texas Deptartment of Insurance. They are offered in several different colors and can be manually operated or remote controlled. We also offer a wide selection of steel, aluminum and clear panel systems, as well as solar screens, which can reduce 90% of the solar impact on your windows.

StormLocs Storm Panels

These corrugated hurricane panels are affordable, Texas Department of Insurance approved, offer windstorm protection, and are a great alternative to plywood. They take less wood to create than plywood, last longer and require less labor to install.

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